About TiDA

TiDA is at the leading edge of titanium based products using powder metallurgy consolidation processes.

Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal.  Titanium metal is: a light metal, corrosion resistant, high fracture toughness, non-magnetic property and non-toxicity, biocompatible and one of the most abundant elements in the earth's crust.

Demand for titanium products has greatly increased over recent years, with consumer demand in laptops, mobile phones and sporting goods.  Additionally, the Aerospace, Medical and Automotive industries currently use titanium to provide leading edge advances in complex parts and products.

The opportunities to use titanium is limitless, and here at TiDA we are able to provide ground breaking research and technology to provide all industries with the best that titanium has to offer. Our focus is on Titanium alloy powder metallurgy.  However, we can also apply our expertise to the broader topic of powder metallurgy.

With the support of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, Ministry for Science and Innovation, Tertiary Education Commission and a number of private sector companies, TiDA has evolved to support ongoing research and provide parts manufacture to industry.

Our key roles are:

  • To introduce titanium powder technology to the wider New Zealand industry;
  • To help companies improve their technology and techniques by providing the best possible product options;
  • To manage a prototype and testing facility;
  • To implement and run a national research development programme;
  • To attract and manage skills to the industry;
  • To strengthen existing international links and help forge new ones
The TiDA Head Office is located in Tauranga, so we are centrally located to work with companies throughout New Zealand. We have strong commercial ties with many International Partners, maintaining our leading edge technology and research.

TiDA is governed by a Board, overseeing the organisation’s strategic direction, and assisting in maintaining the close working relationships that have been forged with New Zealand researchers and businesses that are pushing the boundaries of titanium and powder metallurgy.



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TiDA Facility

Universal Testing Machine 

Titanium filter (3D Printed)