Consolidation Methods

Laser Deposition or Selective Laser Melting (3D Printing)



Currently being scaled up to 65mm diameter sections and upt o 4m long in profiles similar to those enjoyed by aluminium.


Metal Injection Moulding

Similar shapes to those in plastic injection moulding, produced in a similar timeframe.


Cellular and Foam Structures

Metal and ceramic foams and pourous structures suitable for a range of filters, medical devices and areas where extreme weight reduction is required.


Thermal Spray Coatings

We are able to do mm thick coatings of a range of materials.


Thin Film Coatings

Physical vapour deposition (PVD) is used as a hard coating for wear surfaces and for corrosion resistance. The most commonly used coating in titanium nitride.


Powder Forging

Hot working of powder via a traditional forging process to create near net shaped parts.